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  • After knee replacement surgery, life's a little sweeter for Evergreen candy shop owner Janice Stutters.

    Denver radio talk-show host, Rick Lewis, discusses his hip replacement surgery experience at OrthoColorado.

    When I discovered that the only solution to the incredible pain I was experiencing in my right knee was a total joint replacement, to say the least, I was more than casually concerned.

    The basis of my fear was not so much from the procedure; but the exposure to other diseases and infections that are the bane of most hospitals. So I cannot tell you the relief that came with the knowledge that the only patients allowed at OrthoColorado Hospital are there for surgery and not sickness!

    The warm blanket they wrap you with in surgical prep might always feel toasty and comforting, but when it is 4 degrees out and you battle an Arctic Blast to even get to the hospital, words escape me to tell you how good that blanket felt! As the preparations continued, they put in the IV and I had visits from Dr. Peace and the anesthesiologist. The information they gave me imparted a confidence that was every bit as calming as the knock out stuff they shot into my IV. 

    Every step along the way, when I came out from being under, a nurse was there by my side making sure everything was going smoothly. My wife was able to spend the night in my room that first night, adding greatly to my comfort level.

    The coordination of the medical and therapy staffs were, I’m sure, the key to my being able to go home on the second day after my procedure. They arranged for all of my prescriptions to be ready along with the in depth instructions for care, I felt quite secure that the procedure and healing process were going to be a complete success!

    When I had prostate surgery, in 2009, at another (unnamed) hospital, one of the nurses commented to me: “Get out of here as quickly as you can before you catch something far worse that what you came in for!”  That memory was first to surface in my mind when confronted with the total joint replacement. I will be eternally grateful that OrthoColorado Hospital does not expose their patients to that very real danger.

    Surgery, I’m sure, will never be viewed as an enjoyable experience, no matter when or where it happens. I am, however, totally appreciative of the professional and caring staff of OrthoColorado Hospital that made my surgical experience as close as one can get to complete satisfaction.

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