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    Dr. David Schneider is an OrthoColorado Hospital orthopedic sports medicine specialist and also a local sports injury expert. He has served as a team physician for USA Rugby for the last six years, and previously served as a team physician for several professional teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Los Angeles Kings, the Anaheim Ducks, the Los Angeles Galaxy and several others.

    Below, find this season's interviews with Dr. Schneider and be sure to tune in to hear his latest sports injury updates, and tips to keep you at the top of your game:

        Mondays, 7:45-8 p.m. KOA News Radio
        Wednesdays, 3:45-4 p.m. on KDSP / 760 AM

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  • Dr. Schneider joined KOA live at the show for the Nov. 9 Injury Report. It's a great conversation with detailed information about Rob Gronkowski's punctured lung, Derek Wolf's elbow injury and a great discussion on the pain and injuries players contend with especially deep into the season.

    The Nov. 7 Injury Report with Dr. Schneider covers the extent of Derek Wolf's elbow injury, his opinion of Trevor Siemian's shoulder performance and Aquib Talib's back injury. The Nov. 9 interview discusses hip injuries and further insight on Aqib Talib and a potential disc issue.

    The Oct. 31 Injury Report with Dr. Schneider covers the sideline hit Wade Phillips took during Sunday's game, the probability CJ Anderson could play in the post season and the status of DeMarcus Ware's fracture. The Nov. 2 interview offers a unique insight into pitching for game 7 of the World Series.

    This week we have excellent injury report interviews with Dr. Pete Deol and Dr. David Schneider. Key injury topic was the the unusual double patellar tendon tear to Texan's player, Derek Newton. Other topics include CJ Anderson's bone bruise, recovery times and insight for fantasy football owners making decisions on players with ham string injuries.

    This week Dr. Schneider discusses a number of topics including fracture and healing time, calf injuries and supplement use – along with insights into the world of a team doctor.

    This week Dr. Schneider discussed Trevor Siemian's shoulder injury and how it needs to be protected during the game as well as players returning after calf injuries.

    This week Dr. Schneider discussed Trevor Siemian's shoulder injury, recovery time and probability for playing in the upcoming game. Other topics this week include head injury and safety of players after game delay.

    This week's injury report covers a variety of interesting topics beyond just injury. Dr. Schneider is not only an injury expert, but has great information useful for preventing injury and illness that should be noted by athletes of all ages and abilities. Listen in for more about:

    • Hydration when playing in a different climate or altitude.
    • Types of knee cap fractures.

    Listen to the full interview.

    In this interview Andy Lindhal and Ed McCaffrey ask Dr. Schneider about various injury topics throughout the NFL from the recovery time for DeMarcus Ware's fracture to meniscus tears and labral tears in players across the NFL.

    Listen to the full interview.


    Dr. Schneider joins April Zesbaugh and Steffan Tubbs on KOA Morning News to discuss DeMarcus Ware's broken arm. He offers details about the injury, potential recovery time and what's involved in this type of surgery.

    Listen to the full interview.

    In this interview, Andy Lindhal and Dr. David Schneider kick off the season with discussion of the following injuries.

    • Demaryius Thomas hip injury: Dr. Schneider discusses the possibility of bruising or tearing of the hip labrum and the potential long-term impact of a labral tear.
    • Hit to Cam Newton: Dr. Schneider shares his opinion about whether Cam Newton should have received a standard neuro assessment prior to going back into the game for another play.

    Listen to the full interview.

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