• Joint Physician Specialists at OrthoColorado Hospital

  • Jared Foran MD

    Dr. Jared Foran

    Knee Surgery, Arthritic Disorders of the Hip & Knee

  • Mark Mills MD

    Dr. Mark Mills

    Joint Replacement & Arthritis

  • Jeffrey Sabin MD

    Dr. Jeffrey Sabin

    General Orthopedics, Joint & Spine Surgery

  • Jim Johnson MD

    Dr. Jim Johnson

    Knee & Shoulder Surgery

  • Nimesh Patel MD

    Dr. Nimesh Patel

    Joint Replacments of the Hip & Knee & Fracture Care

  • David Schneider MD

    Dr. David Schneider

    Shoulder, Elbow & Knee Surgery

  • Peter Lammens MD

    Dr. Peter Lammens

    Joint Replacments of the Hip & Knee

  • William Peace MD

    Dr. William Peace

    Anterior Hip Surgery, Joint Replacements of the Hip & Knee

  • Robert Thomas, MD

    Dr. Robert Thomas

    Joint Replacments of the Hip & Knee

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